Slave Ships – 10 Most Famous

Famous Slave Ships

Slave ships transported enslaved Africans from Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean. Millions of enslaved Africans were carried to the Americas via the transatlantic slave trade, which began in the 15th century and lasted until the 19th. They were forced to labor on plantations, mines, and other businesses. Slave ships were frequently overcrowded, poorly … Read more

Black Abolitionists – 10 Most Famous

Famous Black Abolitionists

African-Americans known as “black abolitionists” fought for slavery’s abolition in the United States. Most of the black abolitionists were liberated slaves who were committed to assisting their fellow slaves achieve freedom. Others were free African-Americans who fought to end slavery and advance civil rights for their fellow citizens. Black abolitionists were instrumental in the fight … Read more

Black Slaves – 10 Most Famous

Famous Black Slaves

Black slaves were those who were bound in bonds of servitude and forced to labor for others without compensation. They had no rights because they were property. From the 16th to the 19th century, the transatlantic slave trade took millions of Africans into slavery in the Americas. They were mostly transported to the South to … Read more

10 Most Famous Civil War Nurses

Famous Civil War Nurses

During the Civil War, Superintendent of Army Nurses Dorothea Dix oversaw a force of almost 3,000 middle-class women who served as paid or volunteer nurses. Numerous participants lacked any sort of formal medical education or experience. As they worked and faced the perils of the battlefield, they gained knowledge and expertise via trial and error. … Read more

11 Most Famous Women in the Civil War

Famous Women in the Civil War

The majority of civil war women continued their traditional role of that of homemaker and mother, however, against great odds some women choose to become involved in the war effort. Both the union and confederate sides of the war had female spies, nurses, and some even enlisted as soldiers disguised as men. At the time … Read more

13 Most Famous Civil War Generals

Famous Civil War Generals

The generals in the civil due to their position of leadership have become some of the most famous figures of the day. In equal measure, both fame and failure could hinge on the outcome of every battle that they led. Due to the similarity between the two armies in terms of structure, equipment, tactics, and … Read more

Loyalists vs Patriots – What’s the Difference?

Loyalists vs Patriots

The American Revolution was a pivotal moment in the history of the United States, as the colonies fought for their independence from Great Britain. During this time, two main factions emerged: the Patriots vs Loyalists. These groups had different beliefs, motivations, and origins, and their actions and choices played a significant role in shaping the … Read more

13 Colonies in Order

13 Colonies in Order

The Thirteen Colonies were a set of British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America. They were variously known as the Thirteen British Colonies, the Thirteen American Colonies, and, later, the United Colonies. They founded the United States of America by declaring complete independence in July 1776, after having their foundations laid in the … Read more

13 Most Famous Battles of the Revolutionary War

Famous Battles of the Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War was a conflict fought between the British Empire and the 13 colonies that declared themselves the United States of America. The war lasted from 1775 to 1783, and it resulted in the independence of the United States. There were many battles fought during the Revolutionary War, including: These battles were fought … Read more

13 Most Famous Battles of the Civil War

Famous Battles of the Civil War

In the American Civil War, which lasted from April 12, 1861, to May 26, 1865, the Union (also known as the “North”) and the Confederacy (also known as the “South”) were locked in many famous battles. The main source of contention was a difference of opinion on whether slavery should be permitted to expand into … Read more