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342 crates of British tea were dumped into Boston Harbor. Find out why.

Static photographs from the Civil War come alive in these unique movies.

Sometimes it's fun to just sit down and color. Color online or download for home or classroom use.

An activity which combines the world of U.S. presidents with the world of turkeys. Play Along!


Activities by Others

Jamestown Online Adventure - Create a colonial settlement and compare it to the Jamestown Settlement.

Animated Atlas: The Growth of a Nation - See U.S. history unfold event-by-event on a map of the U.S.

Liberty: The Road to Revolution Game - Test your knowledge about the American Revolution.

Design Your Own Bill
An interactive currency design activity.

Presidential Portraits - Answer questions about U.S. presidents and the coins on which they appear.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Game - Go on an adventure with the great explorers.

George Washington's Portrait - Facts about Washington are revealed in his portrait.

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